Wilkinson Eyre wins first prize in Hamburg bridge design competition 2011

Wilkinson Eyre has been awarded first prize in an international design competition for a new bridge at HafenCity, a groundbreaking redevelopment of former docks in Hamburg, Germany.
Wilkinson Eyre’s design, developed with engineer Buro Happold, was acclaimed by the competition jury for its “pragmatic, elegant design proposal that reflects the local context whilst expressing the force flow within the curved geometry of the structure”.
The 130m long and around 21m wide Baakenhafen Bridge will carry two lanes of road traffic together with cycle paths, footpaths and extensive “belvederes” that encourage visitors to stop and enjoy views. It also includes a 30m long liftable section that can be removed to allow the passage of taller ships to pass into the Baakenhafen, ensuring its continued use as a working waterway. The bridge will connect the northern part of HafenCity’s Baakenhafen quarter with its southern part, and represents an important milestone in the overall development. Construction is expected to begin in early 2012.
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