fendi* fatto a mano for the future

designers rowan mersh, nicola guerraz, and sandro del pistoia and fendi artisan federica antonelli create sculptures in person as part of the ‘fatto a mano for the future’ series by fendi

At milan design week 2011, fendi presents the first italian exhibition of their project, ‘fatto a mano for the future’,  featuring the performances of london-based designer rowan mersh, italian artist nicola guerraz, italian sculptor sandro del pistoia, and fendi artisan federica antonelli.

the live design series invites artists and designers to join a fendi craftsman in creating sculptural objects 
using discarded materials from the fendi production process, as a conceptual illustration of the interactions 
that take place between designers and artists, production and tradition, and creators and materials.

In the installation by rowan mersh, real-time heart rate data collected from antonelli is fed automatically 
into an adapted riveting machine that  punches holes into thin strips of leather. mersh then assembles the punctured scraps, 
using the holes to install them onto a steel framework. the shapes and density of the leather sculpture varies 
depending on the space between the holes in the leather, which is in turn dependent on the recorded heart rate.

Nicola guerraz’s piece ‘3D selleria scribbles’ features five pieces of copper tubing, which are covered with leather 
that is stitched together by antonelli during the exhibition. guerraz then bends and transforms the pieces into ‘tangles’, 
inside of which will be planted a tillandsia air plant.
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