philippe starck*marie coquine for baccarat

Created by french designer philippe starck for baccarat, the ‘marie coquine’ standing lamp sets a crystal chandelier into an umbrella suspended in mid-air, layering imagery and textures  in a display both imaginative and functional.

the piece incorporates a 12-light zénith chandelier into an umbrella, with an ivory canopy above the candelabra 
softening the cast light, and a chestnut wood handle extending from its base. the lamp is suspended at one end of a pole 
extended on a wheeled steel tripod, from the other end of which hangs a leather punching bag with saddle stitching. 
at its most distant points, ‘marie coquine’ measures just over 14 feet (4.3m) in length, at a height of up to 9.3 feet (2.8m).
installation view of the lamp
image © designboom
Accompanying the piece’s exhibition is imaginative text that reinforces the juxtaposition of fantasy and reality:
I saw a very beautiful baccarat chandelier. so far, so normal! then it began to rain on the chandelier. how odd!
the chandelier, still identifiably baccarat, opened a large, white umbrella and drifted skywards. I shouted ‘why?’
and from afar came the chandelier’s response: ‘because I am marie coquine, and because everything is possible in a dream.

‘marie coquine’ is produced in a limited edition set of 120 pieces, to be available beginning july 2011. 
the lamp is on display at milan design week 2011.

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