knitted lightings

knitted lightings  is a project by Korean designer Kwangho Lee that is inspired by memories of his mother’s knitting.

2010. 04  Experiment
2008. 10
Multiply (Black edition)
2008. 12
Toronto (Navy edition)

KNOT, beyond the inevitable

“The main concept of the knitted lightings started from the project ordinary objects can become something else.
I lived with my grandparents when I was little and my grandfather was a farmer. I used to see him making farming and house tools with his hands.
He did cutting, tying, carving with his hands. This has become very valuable and so this project is to see what the hands can do with everyday objects.
With full of ready-made and mass production today, I think works done by hands can bring new meanings and value to the ordinary things. The result can depend on my feelings, the use, and the surroundings.
Knot-beyond the inevitable series started because I believe that, like my grandfather and many years back in history, tying and making a knot is a human instinct. Humans invented many kinds of knots for survival like fishing, hunting, building houses, transporting things. Like the past, these instinct acts are still within us. It is passed down from our parents, from our ancestors and because it is inherited, the instinct can serve a meaning more than just a simple action. The ability to change or make things with my hands is the same ability that everyone possesses. I wish that with this ability, people become more active when looking at other people or objects.
I’m in search for the beauty in the value of memories that connect the past and the present provided by the human hand, beyond the pleasure of a precisely calculated form.
The biggest inspiration of this lighting is my mother’s knitting hobbies during my childhood. Her knitted sweaters and gloves remind me of the good days of my childhood. I saw the neat pile of electric wires as yarns and soon decided to knit (weave) my own.”
by kwangho Lee
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