Milano Design Week 2011

Salone Internazionale del Mobile: 12-17 April 2011 – Milan, Italy.
International Furnishing, Accessories Exhibition, Euroluce, International Lighting Exhibition, SaloneUfficio, International Workspace Exhibition.

I Saloni will celebrate their 50th birthday next April. A milestone anniversary that will be celebrated in the full awareness of the fact that everything that has been accomplished by all those who have shown their commitment to the Saloni, right from the very first day, must be carried forward tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, for (at least) another 50 years, increasingly and constantly better. A great many events are planned, both at the Fairgrounds and in the city of Milan.

The master names to remember are Castiglioni, Magistretti, Menghi Sottsass, Viganò, Zanuso and the business brains in the like of Cassina, Castelli, Gandini, and names like Karim Rashid, Eoos, Louis de Limburg Stirum, Marcel Wanders, Jonathan Levien, Burkhard Panteleit, Phillippe Bestenheider, Gaspare Cairoli, Patrizia Pozzi, Tom Dixon, Marco Zito and more.


Concord by Slide (Design by Karim Rashid)
CUOIO Barstool by Walter Knoll (Design by Eoos)
DOUBLIX by SLIDE (Design by Louis de Limburg Stirum)
Flare by Magis (Design by Marcel Wanders)
IMPOSSIBLE WOOD by MOROSO (Design by Jonathan Levien)

LED BELL by Rotaliana (Design by Burkhard Panteleit)
Lui5 by Fratelli Boffi (Design by Phillippe Bestenheider)
Radici by De Castelli (Design by Patrizia Pozzi)
Serpentine by Moroso (Design by Tom Dixon)
Step B letto matrimoniale by Lago ( Design by Monica Graffeo)
Innovation lies at the heart of all the events: innovation in people and in things, looking back at the past with an eye to the future. Innovation was what spurred on that initial group of entrepreneurs, culminating in September 1961 in the first ever Salone del Mobile. It was during this period that Italian design was born, a celebration of the amazing union between the business world and the creativity of the masters.
To know more about Il Salone del Mobile and on how to attend, visit:
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