Fernando Brizio * Target Table

Target Table
Fernando Brizio’s ‘Target’ table is made from wood and arrows. Arrows are embedded into targets via a bow, making each table unique. In the end, once enough arrows have been shot, the target is taken down from the wall and flipped over, with the arrows functioning as the support legs for the table.

Fernando Brizio
Fernando Brízio obtained  his college degree in Equipment Design in 1996, at the Fine Arts Faculty of Lisbon, where he is based. Since 1999 he has been developing several product design projects, as well as setting design and exhibition works, for, among others, Details, Protodesign, Atlantis, M Glass, Droog Design, the choreographer Rui Horta, Modalisboa, DIM-Die Imaginäre Manufaktur, Intramuros, Fabrica, Schréder, Lux/Atalaia, Experimenta Design, and Cor Unum.
He is professor and Head of design at ESAD.CR (Caldas da Rainha, School of Art and Design) and also a visiting professor at ECAL (Lausanne). In 2005, he was a curator for the S*Cool Ibérica project. He has participated in numerous conferences, and his work has been exihibited and published internationally.
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