Maarten de Ceulaer Sudio * Colour Lights

Colour Lights – 2010

This concept is as simple as it is unique; by adding a few drops of edible food colourants to the water inside the bottle, you can change the colour of the lamp, and the atmosphere. These food colourants will be supplied with the lamp, can be ordered afterwards, but can also be bought in most supermarkets. All lamps will be handmade in collaboration with a laboratory glass-ware atelier in Brussels. What you see here is the first series of prototypes, it will soon be expanded with more typologies of bottles, and various sizes will be available in each model.


Maarten de Ceulaer first studied Interior Design at the Sint-Lukas Hogeschool in Brussels. After obtaining this degree, he decided to focus more on product- and furnituredesign. Because of his interest in strong concepts and poetic, inspiring design, he continued his studies at the Design Academy Eindhoven. He did internships in the studio`s of Danny Venlet and Alain Berteau in Brussels, and in India at the Mudoffice, the studio of Vivek Radhakrisjnan. In 2007 he won the Dynamo Belgian Young Designers Award, and half a year later he graduated in Eindhoven, after which he went travelling in Asia for 6 months before setting up his own studio.

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