Dust Deluxe * Textured Sideboard

Textured Sideboard – 2009 – Material: MDF and Polyurehane – 180 x 80 x 40 cm

Damien Gernay

Dustdeluxe is a modular studio of plastic research, a space of transdisciplinary convergence that has the potential to evolve, to adapt in line with demand.

Gernay’s approach to design is characterised by a sensitive vision of the world around us.

He tries to retranscribe in three dimensions a universe of perceptions: touch becomes volume, sight becomes colour, hearing becomes a form. Material has its own lexical field that the designer tries to play with, to create his own language, based on appositions, superpositions, confrontations of materials. The object then adopts a meaning, it evokes, implies or questions. Single or multiple, its expression is coherent.


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