Nacho carbonell * luciferase

Nacho Carbonell presents work incorporating light, fifteen pieces edited exclusively by galerie BSL. The collection “Luciferase” is above all a set of living organisms capable of surprising us by their colours, textures and demeanor. ‘The root of this word is “carrier of light”, explains Nacho Carbonell, and reflects the system used by flora and fauna living in abysses, in the total obscurity found at great depths. Even more than lights, I consider these pieces like light-producing creatures.’

Nacho carbonell  Luciferase collection

Developing and producing experimental work with narrative implications, pushing the boundaries between design and contemporary art, functional use and sculpture,

restraint and exuberance, beauty and ugliness, violence and gentleness.
These creations with communicative presence maintain the equilibrium of the opposites which animates any work of nature. In this family, the exterior soft and velvety materials – epoxy resin mixed with different coloured sands, sometimes covered with plaster or metal dust – resemble the skin of an unknown species.
Some of them conjuring up the translucent sparkle of fine stones like amethyst, quartz or malachite; some the seductive eye of a predator from the great depths; others the avid mouth of a carnivorous plant.

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