Stuart Haygarth * Spectacle Chandelier

Sepctacle Chandlier – 2006 – Materials : acrylic platform, plastic framed spectacles – Edition of 10 this chandelier  is   created from over 1000 pairs of prescription spectacles which are linked together

FOUND_Haygarth has created new pieces using plastic debris found along the Dungeness shore, including Barnacle, a sideboard made from black plastic containers cast in resin.

Installation at the Victoria and Albert Museum for London Design Week.
Stuart Haygarth Born in Whalley, Lancashire, UK 1966
1984 – 1985 Preston Polytechnic, Lancashire, UK – Art & Design Foundation course.

1985 – 1988 Exeter College of Art & Design, Devon, UK – BA in Graphic Design/ Photography.
1988 – 1990 Photographic Assistant, London,UK
1990 – 1991 Travelling the world.
1991 – 2005 Working as freelance Photographic Illustrator.
2005 – 2006 Working as freelance Designer & Photographic Illustrator.
2007 – 2008 Working as Freelance Designer.
1995-2005 Visiting lecturer at Plymouth University Photography Department.
“Starting in 2004 I have been working on design projects which revolve around the collections of objects. The objects are normally collected in large quantities categorized and assembled in a way that transforms their meaning. My work is about giving banal and overlooked objects a new significance. The finished piece of work takes various forms such as chandeliers, installations, functional and sculptural objects.”
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