Brodie Neill * m-lights

m-lights – thermo formed acrylic – stainless steel – halogen lighting system

Brodie Neill is a dynamic designer capturing the attention of the international design scene with his new and exciting use of form. The young Australian’s rapid rise to success has established an impressive collection of international achievements and an extensive list of prestigious clientele.
Already, Brodie’s progressive approach has resulted in the much-celebrated design E-turn (Kundalini) and the @ Chair; a design recently included in Time Magazine’s most influential designs for 2008. Other projects of acclaim are the Remix chaise longue and the Reverb chair (The Apartment Gallery London) both progressive designs that fuse material form with advanced technologies. Neill’s continuous creative endeavors led to the partnering with fashion maverick Alexander McQueen for ICFF New York in 2009.
Brodie merges his underlying interest in form, first explored at the University of Tasmania, with a progressive digital approach developed during a Masters degree at the Rhode Island School of Design. After a successful stint working for top brands in New York, Brodie established his current studio in London’s East End, where he applies his seamless, fluid-like designs to a range of objects from production items to special editions pieces.
With an extensive record of international exhibitions, Brodie has won international design awards and continues to attract top manufactures with his unique fusion of technology and a progressive aesthetic.
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