Asif Khan * Harvest

Harvest – 2010
Showcased at the Design Museum London, ‘Harvest’ is an installation of chairs and tables made of Gypsophila plant, which has a natural ability to interlock. All the flowers have been put into moulds and freeze-dried for weeks before they’re used to make up the furniture.
Asif Khan was born in 1979 in London, England. Asif studied Architecture at both the Bartlett School, University College London and earned a full scholarship to the Architectural Association School, London, where he completed his studies in 2007. Khan has his own architectural practice in Central London.
Khan is a designer who works across the fields of architecture, industrial design and furniture with a particular eye for projects that combine these fields in new and unexpected ways. Throughout his career, he has demonstrated a personal and professional investment in finding architectural solutions for the Third World, embarking upon projects in Thailand and the favelas in Brazil. Showing a strong sensitivity to the way people inhabit space, Khan’s work engages its spectators with the possibilities of craftsmanship, high and low technology, innovation and wit in design.
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