Ryan Frank * Inja chair

Inja is an extension of Ryan Frank iconic Inkuku chair. Using the same unconventional craft technique the material used is recycled wool cut offs lending the chair more warmth and comfort.

Ryan Frank is a South African born furniture designer living and working in East London.
Over the past years Ryan has advanced to one of the UK leading eco designers renown for his funky eco furniture. His work not only makes great use of sustainable materials, but often includes cultural references to African traditional crafts giving Ryan Frank’s collection a depth and texture not always found in contemporary design.
Sustainability has been at the heart of Ryan’s work since the companies’ inception in 2005. Today he has a wide range of eco furniture – from accessory to to stools and custom bespoke pieces – all made from recycled or sustainable materials.
Besides furniture design Ryan has increasingly been asked to work on bespoke commissions in the hospitality sector and has recently completed work for companies such as ‘Andaz’ part of the Hyatt Hotels Group, and London based record TAPE.


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