Pablo Reinoso * Bamboo light

Bamboo Light System was designed based on the nature of bamboo. With each part of the lamp is flexible enough to join with other, the system is able to form unlimited designs. Created through the integration of carvings and design by designer Pablo Reinoso, the carvings are free use of the exterior space while the design creates the practicality of the system, itself.

Born in 1955 in Buenos Aires, Pablo Reinoso has lived and worked in Paris since the late 1970s, establishing a successful career as a Product Designer with a broad repertoire that includes furniture, lighting and jewellery design. His portfolio features numerous design projects for the packaging of luxury consumer goods, including perfume, cosmetics, wines and spirits. Reinoso’s commercial practice has developed in harmony with his artistic œuvre;. he began producing innovative and playful furniture designs in the 90s and has since become renowned for his dramatic re-interpretations of ubiquitous and often overlooked objects. The breathtakingly eloquent Spaghetti series focuses on the humble public bench, transforming its rigidly parallel wooden slats into a network of meandering tendrils. Spaghetti Corten., exhibited for the first time at Sudeley, is a new variation on this iconic theme with adjoining sections of teak and Cor-Ten steel. In this work organic and fabricated materials exist in a symbiotic relationship, inviting contrasts between their variable textures and surface patination.
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