Design gallerist at Maison & Objet


5.5 designers, Constance Guisset, Philippe Nigro, Michel Charlot, Gilles Belley, Marie-Aurore Sticker, Sam Baron, Mathieu Lehanneur, Joachim Jirou-Naiou, Normal Studio are the worthy representative of a whole design generation selected with the complicity of M. Philippe Starck, Maison & Objet creator of the year.

Hypnotic by Vincent Gregoire & Nelly Rodi

“This is not an optical illusion. There’s future in the air. We truly are at the dawn of a new age. In a phase of reformatting. Always at he forefront of developing worlds, designers are already decoding these transformative aspirations. They are making use of a techno sensitive engineering that can open infinite horizons for creativity”

Pixel by Boca do lobo
Royal by Boca do lobo
Diamond  by Boca do lobo

First theres a look at the three trend and inspiration areas. Haute Tension by Elizabeth Leriche Displayed designs that stimulate the senses.

Unplugged by Francois Bernard

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3 Responses to Design gallerist at Maison & Objet

  1. Francis says:

    What amazing pieces!! I went to Maison&Objet and i saw Boca do Lobo’s stand…i fell in love for their finishes and their “art/design language” !! Maison was fantastic, with big creators…

  2. Emilia Cohen says:

    Contact with designers

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