Tom Dixon Road Show at IMM Cologne

British lighting and furniture company Tom Dixon, in collaboration with laminate expertsFormica Group embark on the next stop of the Road Show at IMM Cologne.

The Road Show follows the traditional notion of a travelling sales merchant, touring nine European cities over the period of one year.
New products travelling with the road show include Void, a mysterious lighting object with a double wall spun construction and Peg, an unusually efficient solid wood, stackable café chair. The Offcut Bench, a flat-packed design made from the waste generated by standard wooden furniture manufacture and Jack, the polyethylene ‘sitting, stacking, lighting thing’ now available in black, glow in the dark and fluoro orange for a new generation to enjoy.
To facilitate the Road Show, Tom Dixon has created an industrially inspired and utilitarian modular exhibition system that can be easily transported, constructed and adapted to suit different environments.

Tom Dixon born in Sfax, Tunisia in 1959, to a French/Latvian mother and an English father, Tom moved to England aged four and spent his school years in London. Attending Chelsea Art School for a brief six-month period, a motorbike accident curtailed any artistic ambition and left him in hospital for three months.

He spent two more years in the burgeoning London night club and warehouse party scene. This nocturnal lifestyle left plenty of time in the day to start experimenting with welded structures, which is how he first made a name on the London design scene.
For the past 20 years Tom has been at the forefront of furniture design. His “S” chair has a permanent place in the Museum of Modern Art in New York and in 2000 he was awarded an OBE for his services to British design. Since 2007 he has served the position of Creative Director for the London interiors fair 100% Desig

Void Light, part of his Industry collection launched at Superstudio Più at the Milan Salone Del Mobile 2010.

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    very nice!

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